PVC Pressure

We carry a complete range of high-quality PVC pipe fittings to suit all sizes of PVC up to 200mm, made to Australian industry standards, and sourced through family-owned Australian companies.

PVC Stormwater & DWV

We can supply you with a full range of stormwater fittings including bends, junctions, reducers, adapters, couplings, grates and rain harvesting accessories. We also carry a smaller range of large bore DWV fittings and can access any you require.

POLY (polyethylene)

With our range of metric and rural compression fittings you can join your poly pipe together with little to no fuss. They are an easy and reliable way to join and seal high density poly pipes without the need for tools.

We offer a wide range of electrofusion weld fittings for poly pipe and can complete the welding in house or on site with our certified poly welding equipment and staff.

Manufactured from high quality glass fibre nylon our range of threaded poly and tank fittings are heavy duty, light weight, and compact, with tapered threads to provide a strong and reliable seal. Approved for use in domestic, agricultural, marine, and plumbing situations we have the fittings to suit your every need.

We have a full range of low-density poly fittings to suit all sizes of international drip tube sizes as well as all the Australian low density poly pipe sizes, whether your using poly pipe in your garden or in large scale applications such as vineyards or orchards we’ve got you covered.


Brass fittings are highly durable, withstand high temperatures, and offer excellent resistance to corrosion. Our BSP Threaded & Barbed Fittings are made of high-quality DR brass designed with hex bodies and tapered threads suitable for all plumbers and irrigators.


Stainless steel fittings are tough, corrosion resistant, last for years and they look great in almost every application. The fittings we stock are all made from 316 stainless steel and covers a large range of sizes and shapes. Using stainless fittings in your systems is great way to make sure that your investment in your irrigation lasts for the many years to come.


The camlock coupling is used as a fast and convenient way to connect and disconnect hoses and pipes. Our camlocks are supplied in a range of materials including Poly, aluminium, and 316 stainless steel. We keep a range of popular sizes and types and can quickly source your requested product.

Garden Fittings

Come in and see us and we can help with all your home garden needs.

We stock an extensive range of garden fittings in brass, plastic and poly including, hose connectors, drip tube, sprinklers, spray guns and more.

Gibaults & Stainless Repair Bands

Gibaults and repair bands are a great way to join and repair pipes of all different types. Whether it be PVC, poly, steel, concrete, or asbestos there is a Gibault and repair band to suit everyone. Gibaults are especially useful for joining different types of pipe together, for example if you have a new PVC line that needs to connect to your old concrete or asbestos mainline a Gibault is perfect for the job.

Our stainless-steel repair bands are ideal for situations where you have a hole in your pipe and not a lot of room to repair it. A repair band can go around the pipe without the need to cut anything and provide a watertight seal over the leak to keep your water and system running.

Ductile Iron & Cast Iron

Ductile iron fittings and pipe are incredibly strong, able to withstand stress caused by heavy soil and traffic, as well as extremely high water pressure on the inside.  With an epoxy coating they are extremely resistant to corrosion. Requiring little to no maintenance ductile iron pipe and fittings can last over 100 years.

Cast iron fittings, including tapping saddles, Gibaults and flanges are made from T200 grade cast iron, and are bitumen (powder or epoxy) dipped for the longest possible life span.

Tefen & Push-In fittings for hydraulic tube

Tefen fittings are for use with polyethylene hydraulic tube systems, are made of fiberglass reinforced polypropylene, and have a good resistance to most chemicals used in agriculture. Quick and easy to install, mostly blue in colour, with a maximum working pressure of 1400kPa and temperature range of 4 to 90 deg Celsius.

Pneumatic Push in fittings are an alternative to Tefen fittings, come in a wide variety of types and can be used for air and water, with a working pressure up to 1000kPa and the same temperature range as Tefen blue fittings.

With a range of both types we can supply you with your required options.

Gaskets and seals

We supply gaskets from standard Table and Pipe Specifications to “Specials” and non-standards, made from Premium grade EPDM rubber.

EPDM Premium rubber elastomer is suitable for long term outdoor applications and is completely UV stabilised making it highly resistant to ozone effects and extreme weather conditions. It has excellent physical properties including mechanical strength, is suitable for prolonged exposure to aquatic environment, and will also display resistance to a wide range of chemicals, acids and alkalis.

Many fittings are supplied with their required seals. We carry a range in store and can always access replacements when needed.