Irrigation, Automation, Pumping & Fertigation systems by experienced qualified designers.

Whether you are planning a new development or redeveloping an existing paddock, the irrigation system design is an integral part of it. Correct irrigation design is critical for achieving high efficiency and effectiveness of water use, and therefore influences the profitability of your business.

The Riverland has a variety of sprinkler, drip and center pivot irrigation systems with primary and in some cases, secondary filtration.  Sprinkler systems are also used for cooling and frost mitigation.

Designs can vary from simplistic domestic systems to complex A-B drip systems with additional sprinklers, or long term phased projects that utilise existing infrastructure with new additions to run a dual drip and cooling system for trees.

With the extensive expertise of two irrigation designers and a CAD draftsman in house, our team can assist you with planning and execution of your next project.  Guided by industry standards and a wealth of knowledge you can rest assured that you are in capable hands.

We use the latest technology and programming to design irrigation systems, automation systems, filter stations and pump sheds.  This gives us the capability to work accurately and efficiently.

If you have your property already surveyed or soil maps done with agronomy recommendations, we can incorporate that into our designs to ensure crops and soil types will get irrigated accordingly.

Riverland Irrigation Services will work with you to design your ideal systems and so much more.

To view some examples please select the links below.

Design Example 1

Design Example 2

All brands but specialising in the Talgil Dream Control System, an internet enabled, multiline, large to huge scale, professional irrigation controller. Suitable for agriculture/horticulture, municipal irrigation, and water distribution systems with hundreds of clients.

Riverland Irrigation Services offers a wide range of innovative and efficient automated irrigation systems. From a simple tap-timer or a smart domestic irrigation solution for private gardens, and community parks, to complex agricultural applications including fields with no power, greenhouses, and large-scale projects across hundreds of hectares with different crop types.

Your time is very valuable and manually operating irrigation systems take up a lot of time if you’re doing it yourself. Auto-scheduling saves you time, water and money. With additional capabilities such as flow monitoring, zone shutdown and email/SMS alerts for leaks and broken pipes, waste is minimised, and profitability is maintained.

Specialising in Talgil control systems, through the long-time support of Goldtec Control Systems, we offer expert advice on the automation of your existing or new irrigation systems with a range of agricultural controllers starting from smaller, single line controllers to the larger application Dream 2 controller providing industry leading technology including;

  • Handling of multiple irrigation lines.
  • Many customisable irrigation programs, containing water and fertilizer dosage, operation timing and status while running.
  • Operation of multiple water sources.
  • Recording and reporting of data from analog sensors from soil moisture probes, tank levels, weather stations and more.
  • Data collection and reporting of water and fertilizer usage, including accumulation of last irrigation.
  • Detailed events reporting with date and time stamps.
  • Flushing of automatic filters by time and/or by pressure differential.
  • Conditions for starting, stopping, waiting, and continuing programs, based on sensor status, flow rates, etc. For example, starting and stopping cooling systems when reaching a set temperature.
  • Alarm notifications via email or smartphone.
  • Daily backups so you don’t lose your data.
  • Remote access via PC and smartphones.
  • And much more.
Full range of quality & proven product with the ability to source your requested items.

We provide a comprehensive range of quality products from leading national and international manufacturers, the best suppliers, recognised brands and provide the latest in proven technology. Our extensive range of high-quality irrigation brands are sure to suit your next irrigation project. From pumps and pipework to sprinklers and drip – we will help you with all you need.

We have great relationships with our suppliers and as a result can supply quality products from around the globe. Our sales staff are experienced, receive regular training and are well supported to ensure they can provide the best advice on each product.

As an independent business, we receive excellent pricing, enabling us to always offer value. We are not locked into brand selling, so we can provide you with the best and most appropriate product for your project.

We supply products and advice to farmers, blockies, tradies, councils, homeowners and gardeners.

Our product ranges include;

  • Pumps & pump accessories
  • PVC pipe & fittings
  • Stormwater pipe & fittings
  • DWV pipe & larger fittings
  • Low Density poly pipe & fittings
  • Metric and Rural poly pipe and compression fittings
  • Dripline/driptube and drip fittings
  • Range of controllers from basic manual to large remote access
  • Filtration – full range from household to the largest orchard filter stations
  • Valves – large range of Control, Check & Foot valves, Air Release and Float valves
  • A variety of hoses – chemical, high pressure, suction, lay-flat, air and water
  • Brass and Stainless-steel fittings
  • Camlock fittings in poly/stainless/alloy
  • Flanges in PVC, steel, stainless-steel, poly and Gaskets to match
  • Micro-sprinklers, Pop-up sprinklers, Impact sprinklers, misters, foggers and greenhouse
  • Tanks – poly, steel, rainwater, fertigation and chemical, tank and rain harvesting accessories
  • Water Meters, flow meters, flow sensors
  • Stainless-steel Repair bands, Gibaults, Vari-gibs, saddles, ductile fittings
  • Fasteners such as worm-drive clamps, Cobra clamps, bolt clamps, zippy ties, galvanised bolts
  • Tools – trenching shovels, landscaper rakes, arbors, hole-saws, wrenches, pressure gauges, thread tapes, solvents, primers, thread pastes, cable
  • And much more…
From gardens to large-scale orchards/vineyards, Municipal and sporting facilities, retrofitting or turn-key projects.

Riverland Irrigation Services works closely with growers, farmers and operators to install all elements of an irrigation system.

Accurate planning is important for the installation program. It is essential that the installation is scheduled to be completed on time and well before the system is required to be used.

Our commitment to leading the industry in attention to detail and quality is key to a satisfied customer. From the smallest to the largest installation project, we are here to maximise the customers profitability.

The installation must always follow the irrigation design (see design above). Our installers work closely with the designer and/or project manager, and the customer, to proactively address any issues that arise during the install.

Elements of an irrigation system include:

  • The headworks (at the water source), including pumps, water meters and filtration.
  • The mainline, which transfers the water from the headworks to the irrigation zone, which can be several kilometres long.
  • Internal pipework, including sub mains and flushing mains which provide the point of connection to the irrigation delivery system.
  • Once the headworks, mainline and internal pipework has been installed, the irrigation delivery method, such as drip systems, micro sprinklers, sprinkler or spray systems, is connected.

We specialise in the automation (see above) of the entire system, and in particular using the Dream 2 controller. Controllers are an important irrigation tool, and our range focuses on a combination of the latest in irrigation technology and ease of use. Installation happens in tandem with the other systems and requires a comprehensive understanding of the product and desired objective.


An installation is not finished until the system/s are started and run as desired. The commissioning of systems is the crucial final step of the whole process.

Every system and installation is unique, depending on the crop, the topography, the water source and the environmental conditions. We protect your investment with an experienced and highly skilled team.

For new or retrofit systems we have the experience, knowledge and commitment to give you an outstanding project installation result.

So Electrofusion.. it’s a mix of electricity and fusion but what does that mean?

We are proud to be using the Plasson SmartFuse system and have qualified staff and welding system in house. This system is mobile and can be taken out on site.

Electrofusion, or EF for short, is a method of joining PE pipe in situations where butt fusion is not practicable, like where valves, elbows and tees need to be added.

Specialised electrofusion fittings have electrical heating coils imbedded into them. When current is applied to these EF fittings, heat is created which melts the plastic of both the fitting and the pipe.

The plastic from both are forced to mix together under pressure due to the design of the fitting. Once the mixed plastic cools, the pipe and fitting are fused together permanently.

HDPE (high density polyethylene) can be a cost-effective solution for a broad range of piping challenges in water treatment, irrigation, agricultural, mining and civil applications. It has been tested and proven effective for above ground, surface, buried, slip lined, floating and sub-surface marine applications. PE advantages include high durability, non-corrosive, chemical resistant, lightweight and leak free. It’s also available in a wide range of thicknesses and pressure ratings. PE fittings can be used with the application of electrofusion welding to create an entire system.

Water Meter validation, sales and installation.

In June 2018 the Australian Government and the Murray Darling Basin states agreed that compliance around water management needed to be strengthened. A strong new metering framework to improve the standard and coverage of non-urban water meters across Australia under the Water Reform Action Plan is now in place under the Australian Standard 4747. The framework will be implemented, in each State, through a staged roll-out over five years.

In South Australia there are now clear rules around metering for non-urban water meters.

If the meter is used as the primary water reading source, it needs to comply with the Australian Standards for Non-Urban water meter (AS4747). Generally speaking; in the Riverland, Barossa and Clare Valleys there are no more open channels, therefore the meter used has to meet the requirements for closed conduit meters (NMI-M10) and the installation be certified by a certified validator.

At Riverland Irrigation Services we have a certified meter validator in house, and we can assist you with your meter validation certificates, as well as supplying and installing new meters.

Diagnosing Irrigation Problems.

Troubleshooting and diagnosing irrigation problems accurately and successfully takes many years of experience and training.

Irrigation Systems can be very basic or highly technical. Every system has so many variables, each of  which has flow on affects in other areas. Without a clear and comprehensive understanding of the principles of irrigation, pumping, filtration, fertigation and automation systems, these can often go unnoticed.

Starting from the very basics, working your way through each step is key. With experience and training, picking up problems can be quick if you know what to look for.

Often the problems stem from the most basic issues.

Something simple as “my sprinkler isn’t working like it was” may not mean that the sprinkler has reached the end of its life.

  • is your filter blocked?
  • is your pump performing correctly?
  • is the valve opening fully?
  • is your jet blocked?
  • or do you have a leak in the system??

These are only a few questions that can be asked for one issue.

With the huge variety of irrigation systems, components and system builds, there are so many scenarios that can play out, experience and knowledge is a must in this industry.

In some instances, we are able to assist clients try to diagnose problems over the phone.  More often than not it needs a site visit to be able to examine the whole system to accurately diagnose the issue.

We are more than happy to get our hands dirty, to come to you, and get an accurate diagnosis of an issue. We will either fix it at the time or put a plan in place for repairs.


With access to all of your product needs we will repair or assist in replacing faulty, damaged and old equipment, in a timely manner.

Repairs, especially during hot weather need to happen quickly and efficiently.

We carry a range of key spare parts and repair options. Having great relationships with our suppliers means we can have spare parts or replacements to us quickly and have you up and running again minimising the impact of any breakdowns.

We offer you the experience, knowledge and commitment to our customers to do just that.

Scheduled or on-call.

Irrigation components have a finite life span. A good preventive maintenance program can prolong the life of irrigation equipment and keep it running efficiently.

The specific preventive maintenance procedures and intervals vary depending on the type of irrigation equipment and its age. In general, an irrigation system preventive maintenance program involves the observation, adjustment and maintenance at regular intervals of dripline, sprinklers, filters, valves, pumps, controllers and other components.

Irrigation breakdowns often occur during the hottest times of year, which can result in a rapid decline in tree/plant/vine health if repairs take a few days or more.

Identifying problems early with a sound preventive maintenance program helps limit breakdowns . Other benefits of a preventive maintenance program include:

  • Prevent catastrophic failures.
  • Maintain irrigation efficiency.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Water conservation.
  • Prolong the life of an irrigation system and reduces long-term costs.

Pre-Season Maintenance

  • Running your system, inspecting for pressure variability and leaks
  • Replacing any damaged pipe or fittings
  • Inspect and repair pump station and filters/filter station components
  • Evaluate flows and pressures of pumps, driplines and drip emitters
  • Check and set automated flushing filters
  • Check fertigation lines and valves
  • Update irrigation scheduling and review controller settings

After Season Maintenance

  • Review system performance and water use
  • Put a plan in place to repair or replace any damaged or wearing system components
  • Carry out any large irrigation or pumping system repairs and replacements

Our experienced irrigation technicians are here to assist you with your maintenance, either on an at-call basis, or we can develop and carry out a Scheduled Maintenance program for you.

We can also provide a comprehensive System Review to enable you to maximise your irrigation effectiveness and your water use efficiency.