Our range of rainwater tanks, fertiliser tanks and chemical storage tanks is extensive.

Poly or Steel Rainwater tanks are ideal for rainwater harvesting, farm water systems, fire water storage and many other applications. Tanks can be customised to suit your specific needs, and are available in various shapes (round, squat or tall, slimline or modular) sizes (500 to over 100000 litres) and colours.

A common misconception about collecting rainwater is that all you need is a tank, gutters, a few downpipes, and some rain. However, this alone cannot be relied upon to deliver the volume and quality of water you need. Keep leaves and debris out of your system using gutter mesh, installing Leaf Eater rain-heads, First Flush Diverters, and tank and insect proof screens.

Monitoring the water level in your tanks is easy with a range of gauges and levels, from simple tank devices to being your linked to your mobile device and providing on-going information.


Specifically designed fertiliser tanks provide for safe storage of liquid fertilisers along with simple and easy filling and emptying of the tank. Liquid fertilisers are now an important part for growing many crops as they provide valuable nutrients such as nitrogen, trace elements along with many others.

These fertilisers are expensive, and a strong and well-built tank is critical for protecting the farmer’s investment in these products. This type of liquid is much heavier than water and requires a purpose designed tank to carry the product load. The fittings that are used are non-corrosive; this is vitally important for ensuring that the fittings do not corrode and fail. If a tank leaks or fails, the loss of fertiliser will many times be the cost of the tank.

Chemical storage tanks require additional measures and even different types of polymers designed to securely contain aggressive chemicals. A Chemical Tank is an important technical decision to make and therefore choosing the right company to work with is extremely critical.

We work with the best suppliers to provide you with the best advice and options.