The main purpose of any valve is to control the movement of liquid or air within a pipeline system. Whether the aim is to start or stop a flow, control flow rate or pressures, prevent backflow or release air from a system, Riverland Irrigation Services will be able to supply the correct valve for the job. Due to the dynamics of flow and pressure within a given pipeline system, it is critical that the correct type and importantly, size, of valve is selected prior to installation.

Most valve types can be purchased in various construction material types to suit a particular application. For example, chemical resistant bodies and seals for handling fertiliser applications or acid injection.

Our valve range can be broadly grouped into 4 main categories;

Control valves, Check valves and Foot valves, Air Release valves, Float / Trough valves

Ball Valves

  • Brass, plastic or stainless-steel construction
  • Standard straight through configuration and available in L port and T port 3-way configuration
  • Automation of some types possible with electric or pneumatic actuators

Gate valves

  • Brass or bronze construction, generally threaded, from 15mm to 80mm
  • Flanged coated cast iron construction, generally available in resilient seated models from 80mm to 600mm

Butterfly valves

  • Available with standard lever handles up to 200mm, with Gear Operators supplied for 250mm and larger as standard
  • Available in either standard wafer style or Table D or E lugged configuration
  • Automation of most butterfly valves is possible using electric or pneumatic actuators.

Hydraulic or diaphragm valves

  • Plastic or cast-iron body construction. Generally, valves 150mm or larger would be supplied in cast iron.
  • Rubber diaphragms for some valve models are available in low, standard or hi pressure versions
  • The easiest valve type to automate utilising either solenoids (2 way or 3 way) or hydraulic command lines.
  • There is a wide range of valve accessories available that enable the standard diaphragm valve to be configured any of the following:

Pressure Reducing valve, Pressure Sustaining valve, Pump Control valve, Flow Control valve, High Pressure Relief valve, Surge Anticipation valve & many more.

  • Plastic or brass threaded check valves most commonly up to 50mm
  • Large style check valves from 50mm upwards, generally with cast-iron bodies and stainless-steel discs including:

Wafer type Duo disc – spring loaded type, Flanged Single disc tilting type that an be counterweighted for smoother closing in large flows.

  • Hydraulic / diaphragm type valves can in some instances be set up as check valves
  • Air Release valves from 6mm to 150mm in plastic or cast-iron construction
  • Vacuum Breakers to 50mm
  • Combination Air valves that will allow air release as a pipeline fills with water and also air to enter the pipeline as it drains
  • Float valves for tank fill available in a range of materials from plastic to stainless steel and in a single or dual level float configuration
  • Trough valves to suit applications from small pet watering bowls to large stock water troughs in a range of material from plastic to full stainless steel.

Valve Servicing

As with any mechanical device, valves have wearing parts and require servicing from time to time. We are able to source spare parts for most makes and models of valves and can assist with the regular servicing and resetting of critical hydraulic valve infrastructure such as surge anticipation and pump control valves.