There are many watering devices available to suit your garden. We recommend drip irrigation, jets and sprays for garden beds and veggie gardens and pop-up sprinklers for your lawn areas. It’s important to calculate your flow rate to pick the right product for your water flow so your plants are being water efficiently and receive the right amount of water it requires.

It is crucial to have any pop-up sprinklers in lawns designed correctly to ensure optimum and even water distribution. A poorly designed pop-up system will lead to higher than necessary water usage and considerable wastage. Our designers can easily help and advise on the correct layout for your home turf.

Whether you want to install an irrigation system from your garden tap, or to install a fully automated system, we have all the products and know-how to help you out.

We supply;

  • Poly tube – including 4mm hard tube and flexible poly
  • Garden dripline
  • Poly barbed, threaded and click-on fittings
  • Brass threaded and click-on fittings
  • Hose fittings – plastic and brass click-on
  • Sprays, micro-sprays, spinners, drippers, misters, bubblers, shrubblers, pop-up sprinklers
  • Rigid risers, stakes, sprinkler stands
  • Manual Tap timers, semi-automatic battery-operated controllers, fully automatic battery-operated or hard-wired controllers
  • Manifolds, solenoid valves, cable

Our in-house designers are available to assist you in creating a fabulous new garden or to retrofit a new system to your existing garden.