Pop-ups are available in a variety of sizes and types to suit every job. They are the choice of sprinkler for lawns, parks, sporting arenas and golf courses. Concealed when not in use, they offer great usability and water efficiency when designed as part of a system, which our designers can put together for you. There are differences, in cost, adjustability and efficiency. Choosing the right type for your circumstances is an important step in getting the best results, and you can rely on our expertise to make this happen.

Ideal for small garden and turf areas, and with various size pop-up sprinkler bodies and a host of interchangeable fixed or variable arc nozzles, you’ll have unlimited design flexibility.

Stream rotors, such as the MP Rotator, are versatile, adjustable in arc and radius,  and deliver water more slowly, allowing water to soak in , leading to less run-off. These are ideal for low pressure/ low flow situations, and can come as Spray Bodies and separate nozzles, or as Preassembled sprinklers (body + nozzle).

Gear drive sprinklers are ideal for larger areas, parks, golf courses and sporting arenas. Also known as rotor sprinklers, our range includes pop-up gear drives for lawns, as well as fixed height gear drives for areas like tennis courts and gardens.

Most pop-up gear drive sprinklers are made with a plastic shaft, but we also offer stainless steel shaft sprinklers for greater durability and strength. A great benefit of gear drive sprinklers is that they can be fitted with different nozzles and be adjusted to suit different lawn and garden areas.

Micro Sprays and Spinners

Having a wide selection of micro-sprinklers enables us to provide solutions for every application (trees, vines, greenhouses, frost protection & cooling). Offering a high level of accuracy, uniformity and reliability, the micro-sprinkler range includes sprays, rotors, misters and foggers, together with a wide variety of accessories.

Spray and Micro irrigation are excellent, easy to install options for small garden beds or veggie patches.

Mini/Micro sprinklers for agricultural use are engineered to provide superior water distribution for under tree and vine installations, with various droplet sizes, and angles of throw, they maximise the application of water and nutrients to the root system.

With our in-house experience you can be confident in selecting the correct option.

Impact Sprinklers

We offer an extensive range of high-quality plastic and metal impact sprinklers for agricultural irrigation, including both Overhead and Under-tree sprinklers.

Impact sprinklers are suitable for diverse applications and include full-circle and part-circle options, single or dual nozzles outlets, and cover a wide range of wetting diameters with inlet sizes ranging from ½” up to 2”. They sit above ground and can be moved around as required.

They are perfect for watering medium to large areas of grass, crops, or garden. Uniformity of coverage, usability, low maintenance and affordability are just some of the advantages of using impact sprinklers.


Drip irrigation is a method of applying moisture directly to the desired plants and their root system. Water is distributed slowly and accurately, reducing water loss from wind or evaporation and minimising moisture wasted on weeds, unplanted areas or run off. This can be achieved through using a dripline of various sizing, dripper spacing and flow, or by using individual drippers plugged into tube.

The adjustable flow range of products are ideal for home garden and light commercial use. Their adjustability enables you to “fine tune” the watering application to individual plants and garden beds.

Drippers with set flow rates, such as 2.0, 4.0 and 8.0 litres per hour are available to suit your particular plant or tree, some designed to be resistant to blockage but still able to be taken apart for cleaning. There are many brands and types of drippers, and we will supply you with your ideal option.

A dripper with ‘non-compensating operation’ provides a wide flow path, and the flow rate varies with changes in pressure. The ‘Pressure Compensating’ range provide a constant dripper flow rate regardless of pressure. This makes them ideal for long run lengths or undulating terrain where pressure variations are likely to occur.